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Maxi Move

Maxi Move floor lift is designed to enable a single caregiver to manage demanding everyday patient or resident transfer and repositioning tasks. It is a versatile solution that can be adapted using a variety of spreader bars to accommodate patient transfer needs.

Stable lifting Stable vertical lifting action keeps the patient at a constant distance from the mast and in a stable position during lifting and transferring.Precision transfersIntegrated with the spreader bar is a powered dynamic positioning system (PDPS) that enables the patient to be repositioned in the sling, minimising the need for manual handling.Versatility

Powered dynamic positioning system (PDPS) minimises manual handling and improves precision when positioning the patient.

The Combi attachment makes it smooth and easy to change between different spreader bars and stretcher frames.

Dual controls on the mast and the hand control. Using the hand control gives the caregiver the opportunity to move and stay close to the patient and maintain good eye contact throughout the lift and transfer process.Telescopic vertical mast

Vertical mast provides stability while the patient is lifted.Castor sizeThree castor sizes available: standard, low and extra-low to facilitate access under low beds and trolleys.Scale (Option)Optional integrated scale supports an efficient weighing routine.

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