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Hospital Equipment Repairs

Are you unsure if it's time to repair your medical equipment or replace it? Consider these 12 crucial points and make an informed decision.

Don't wrestle with the decision of repair or replace for your out-of-warranty medical equipment. Get back up and running faster by making an informed choice - one that saves you time and money in the long run. Make sure to weigh all factors when deciding whether repairing or replacing is right for you!

With the latest industry standards in mind, weigh your repair vs replacement decision carefully. The cost of a repair should be less than half that of its total replacing price and have an estimated life-cycle more than halfway fulfilled to qualify for fixing up instead. Make sure you're making the financially savvy choice - explore our services today!

Every situation requires a unique and tailored approach: that's why we take it upon ourselves to consider all possible factors before making the best decision for you, every time.

The service history of the equipment.
Performance and reliability are key factors
The overall condition (The more it is used, the faster deterioration will occur).
Identify any critical risks that may arise if the equipment is left out-of-use
Likely ongoing operating costs include expenses such as utilities, labour, and inventory
Productivity and quality are both impacted by a variety of factors
Unscheduled downtime can have significant costs, including health and safety risks as well as environmental damage
Decommissioning and disposal costs must be taken into account when planning a project
The cost associated with researching and purchasing a replacement
The replacement equipment requires a capital cost
Replacement equipment costs must be taken into account when budgeting for training
Functional importance of the product.
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